A Lititz, PA Wedding Venue

rich in history and tradition

Creating the Elizabeth Furnace Experience.

Elizabeth Furnace is a Lititz, PA wedding venue with a rich 18th century history. Learn more about the unique story of this historic wedding venue in Lancaster County and each of its special settings. 

A Family Homestead Heritage

Registered as a national historic landmark since 1966, the Steigel-Coleman Mansion dates back to 1776.  In 2013 the Mansion and estate went up for sale and was purchased by the current owners, Craig Coleman and Bruce Coleman.  Now nine generations of the Coleman family have called the property home.

Become a Part of Our History

In hopes to share the family heritage with others and continue the Coleman legacy, the current owners agreed to share the unparalleled beauty of the estate with the public by opening it as a wedding and event venue.  This will be the first time the property will be open to the public in over 250 years.  Now people from near and far can gather at the property to create their own memories and become a part of our history, crafting their very own Elizabeth Furnace Experience.

Careful attention has been taken to prepare the property for weddings and events.  Every detail has been meticulously analyzed and crafted to align with era-appropriate architecture and style in order to maintain the historic authenticity of the property.

The Elizabeth Furnace Name

In 1746, John Jacob Huber patented 400 acres of land in northern Lancaster County. The Huber House (pictured below) is the oldest building on property. As early as 1750, John Jacob Huber had built and put in a blast furnace, where he cast five-plate stoves for the Pennsylvania market. Huber’s daughter, Elizabeth, married one of his employees – a young German named Heinrich Wilhelm Stiegel. Heinrich Wilhelm Stiegel, William Stiegel or the Baron von Stiegel, is synonymous with some of the most highly collectible colonial-era decorative glass in America. Stiegel bought out his father-in-law’s interest in Elizabeth Furnace in 1757 and with backing from wealthy Philadelphia investors, constructed most of the buildings that survive in the core of the campus today. Stiegel also rebuilt the furnace and renamed it Elizabeth Furnace for his wife. Centuries later, and we still honor that name today.

The Iconic Bell Tower

The Bell Tower’s unique design and architecture has become an iconic spot on property. Back in the 1700s the bell’s ring would notify the community about important gatherings and meal times. After 250+ years, it still operates today and is just one of several unique features to the Elizabeth Furnace Experience.

Elizabeth Furnace Property Photo Lancaster Wedding and Event Venue Historic Huber House
Huber House - the oldest building on property
Elizabeth Furnace Lancaster PA Wedding and Event Venue Coleman Bell Tower
Elizabeth Furnace Bell Tower